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Tech Tips

In every issue of Tech Tips,   We focus on the numerous calls received regarding issues with generators and compressors, spray guns, etc. In almost all of the cases, the problems could have been avoided with good preventative maintenance.

You will find informative information in our ‘Tech Tips’ section of this website to help you keep your equipment fully operational and running smoothly. We’ll also include preventative maintenance on air drier and fresh air systems.

In all editions there is a focus on things you, as a sprayer, can do to avoid problems with your equipment.  Check out our latest edition addressing  closed-top (“tight head”) drums vs. open-top drums

Wyndell Gossett

Technical Services Dept.

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Remember, as always, if you have any suggestions for a future Tech Tips column; please feel free to email Wyndell at wyndell@urethanesupplyinc.com. We want to make this article relevant to as many people as possible, so we welcome your input. The chances are that if you are having a problem, someone else is having the same problem.